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Posted 10/07/11 @ 7:42pm - By Ross

Lots o small changes

Made a ton of tiny changes to the site over the last few days. Added a lot of small visual elements (fonts, shadows, etc etc) along with the wordpress system. Probably the last update in a while as the projects are building up in the background. If anything looks awry just leave a comment and I’ll fix it later.

Posted 10/06/11 @ 3:22am - By Ross

I think it’s done!

Time to go pass out.

Posted 10/06/11 @ 2:31am - By Ross

I should really sleep

yay for not having to get up early tomorrow. So close to having this thing done ><

Posted 10/06/11 @ 1:36am - By Ross

So I lied

After looking at a few more blogging systems I changed my mind again and went with WordPress. The theme is just about done and soon you will actually be able to see this post!

There is a fair amount to do with the theme so don’t be surprised if things don’t look quite right in certain areas. Feel free to yell at me if you do notice something as well.

Posted 10/05/11 @ 7:12am - By Ross

Testing this

testing out what a post looks like and all that jazz.

return 0;