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About Me Welcome to my personal site! I make websites, write code, do IT work...basically anything computer related. Take a peak around and get to know me a little better.

Right to Rule

Currently developing a tower defense/RTS hybrid for the android mobile platform.

Old Websites

Council of Trade - Developed during the WoW open beta, this was a idea I played around with for a site that could track the economy of the game and be a site to facilitate trades.

Followers of the Old Code - A rebirth of the first guild I was ever a part of during the original diablo, first site where I actually designed all the graphics myself

Puggers can't be choosers - A WoW guild I ran during the TBC expansion, eventually became known as Dissension. One of the more complex sites I ended up making, complete with DKP system integration, forums, recruitment system and custom news system.

School Projects

OpenGL Project - Through the OpenGL course I took we developed a simulated rollercoaster using C++ and OpenGL. Much of the code was templated with an emphasis on graphical concepts.

OS Project - Built for the first semester of the Operating Systems class, this project emulated the Linux OS shell and interfaced with a EXT2 file system.

Compiler - A simple C compiler built with Python. Takes a C file and converts it down to x86 assembly.