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Posted 02/24/12 @ 3:19am - By Ross

Day One DLC…more like Day None!

OK, so it’s a lame pun. The point is I’ve seen a lot of talk about DLC content being available on launch day lately, most recently with Mass Effect 3. The reaction to this can be summed up as follows:

To be perfectly honest I think some of that is justified. I can’t say that EA or Bioware has done a terribly good job of handling the PR surrounding this. Its easy to look in from the outside and say that they took time away from making the game to make DLC that they could charge for before the game was even released. The reality, though, is that it’s not that simple.

Looking at it from the dev cycle side of things, by the time the game is largely finished the content generation team is about done. They might help fix bugs as the testing team finds them or correct small things here and there. But their primary function is over. Then, once the game is fully tested, you have to send it off to production. The point is, there is a fair amount of potential wasted time. Why not keep the content generation team generating content after they’ve finished the game? It seems very reasonable and more efficient in terms of resource use.

However, if you take issue with DLC in general then I see your argument as being completely valid. The industry is largely changing direction towards a micro payment system and not everyone is on board with that. Still, EA and Bioware should be given some slack. It may not be hats, but at least they are trying to provide content.

Posted 02/11/12 @ 1:19am - By Ross

Added some old sites

Went through some of my old files and found a few of the old sites I designed. Unfortunately they aren’t fully functional, but they are the basic designs I came up with so I figured I might as well put them on here to preserve their memory. I wish I had all the sites I’ve made over the years but, hindsight being 50/50 and all, I’m glad I have these few.

Check out my portfolio page if you’re curious what they look like!

Posted 12/22/11 @ 4:18pm - By Ross

Goodbye Pullman!

Been a long time but I’ve been super busy with graduation and finalizing everything as I get ready to move back home. Most of my room is packed up at this point, just my clothes and electronics left. I’ve gotten excitingly efficient at dismantling my computer so I’ll save that for tomorrow.

I’ve headed home multiple times so the packing and getting ready to head home isn’t throwing me off. What blows my mind is that I’m not returning. I’m done! I got my BS in Computer Science which is also kinda blowing my mind. Obviously that was the goal but during classes you aren’t acknowledging that you are making progress towards your degree. You’re worried about projects and tests for a given class. So while I was freaking out over finals and my senior design project it just kinda happened. I’m a college graduate.

So now I sit in my mostly empty room typing up my last post from Pullman. Hard not to think of all the crazy stuff that happened while I was here. But it’s on to the next phase and finding a good dev position for myself. I also can finally finish Right to Rule as I haven’t even had the chance to touch it in the last 2 months.

Peace out Pullman!

Posted 11/02/11 @ 11:27pm - By Ross

colds are bad

The days are steadily counting down now, 43 to be exact. Unfortunately development of Right to Rule has pretty much hit a road block until graduation as projects are piling up along with a job search and all the ins and outs of graduating. It serves as more of tech demo in its current form but once I get free time I have a lot still planned.

As the title suggests, the common cold is making its rounds at WSU and I was unfortunately unable to dodge it completely. Luckily it didn’t hit until after midterms, but its still makes me angry and grumpy. Sleep and water are my companions for the next few days…and my senior design project…

Posted 10/18/11 @ 11:21pm - By Ross

Wanted: More Time

Unfortunately I may be getting a cold…not happy! With Minecraft and MLG vying for my attention from projects that are piling up I haven’t gotten much done with Right to Rule. Hopefully I’ll be getting some time in the coming days to start actually implementing the menu system for castles but Blizzcon and the GSL finals are this weekend so…yea.

Either way, I’ve at least started mocking up what I want the layout to be in photoshop. I may post a picture once I finish the mock-up and then start implementing it. It’s always entertaining to look back on mock-ups I’ve made of websites and how they differ from the final versions. I’m hoping to get the same nostalgia kick from this once a few years go by.

Posted 10/09/11 @ 6:09pm - By Ross

Ah, to be a noob again…

So for those that don’t know, I’m TA’ing for CptS 121 again this semester and enjoy it quite a bit. I’ve always had a tenuous relationship with school growing up so it almost surprises me that I enjoy teaching so much. It’s strange to see the same mistakes I made being repeated by others and not being able to convince them that I know what I’m talking about. I think of Elrond from Lord of the Rings and how humanity just ignores his words of warning, despite his wisdom and experience. But I digress, TA’ing has been a good experience and I’ve learned a ton from it.

Speaking of which, I got an e-mail today from one of the students inquiring about game development. Naturally I was ecstatic to find someone else interested in the topic. I’ve met several people at WSU that talk about game development fondly, but rarely with substance. It’s ironic that I’m now the elder from which to seek knowledge when I feel like I’ve barely stepped into the subject myself. But it got me thinking about where I was when I first showed up at WSU dreaming of making games.

When you first start coding, developing a game seems like an unobtainable goal. The complexity is not only overwhelming, but daunting to say the least. I compare that to how I feel now and, while still daunting, it’s no longer overwhelming. I’m doing it with Right to Rule and making surprising progress. I don’t know when the change happened, between freaking out about midterms and starring down the clock as I frantically try to finish a project, it just clicked. I had no mentor to ask how it was done, I just tried and what happened…happened.

I suppose that’s my MO though. I’ve always been headstrong when I decide on a goal. I’m reminded of Day[9] and his unabashed attitude to doing what you love. I’ll stumble all the way there, but I’ll get there. I guess it now falls to me to help those that were once like me.

Posted 10/07/11 @ 7:42pm - By Ross

Lots o small changes

Made a ton of tiny changes to the site over the last few days. Added a lot of small visual elements (fonts, shadows, etc etc) along with the wordpress system. Probably the last update in a while as the projects are building up in the background. If anything looks awry just leave a comment and I’ll fix it later.

Posted 10/06/11 @ 3:22am - By Ross

I think it’s done!

Time to go pass out.

Posted 10/06/11 @ 2:31am - By Ross

I should really sleep

yay for not having to get up early tomorrow. So close to having this thing done ><

Posted 10/06/11 @ 1:36am - By Ross

So I lied

After looking at a few more blogging systems I changed my mind again and went with WordPress. The theme is just about done and soon you will actually be able to see this post!

There is a fair amount to do with the theme so don’t be surprised if things don’t look quite right in certain areas. Feel free to yell at me if you do notice something as well.

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