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Posted 12/22/11 @ 4:18pm - By Ross

Goodbye Pullman!

Been a long time but I’ve been super busy with graduation and finalizing everything as I get ready to move back home. Most of my room is packed up at this point, just my clothes and electronics left. I’ve gotten excitingly efficient at dismantling my computer so I’ll save that for tomorrow.

I’ve headed home multiple times so the packing and getting ready to head home isn’t throwing me off. What blows my mind is that I’m not returning. I’m done! I got my BS in Computer Science which is also kinda blowing my mind. Obviously that was the goal but during classes you aren’t acknowledging that you are making progress towards your degree. You’re worried about projects and tests for a given class. So while I was freaking out over finals and my senior design project it just kinda happened. I’m a college graduate.

So now I sit in my mostly empty room typing up my last post from Pullman. Hard not to think of all the crazy stuff that happened while I was here. But it’s on to the next phase and finding a good dev position for myself. I also can finally finish Right to Rule as I haven’t even had the chance to touch it in the last 2 months.

Peace out Pullman!

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