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Posted 10/18/11 @ 11:21pm - By Ross

Wanted: More Time

Unfortunately I may be getting a cold…not happy! With Minecraft and MLG vying for my attention from projects that are piling up I haven’t gotten much done with Right to Rule. Hopefully I’ll be getting some time in the coming days to start actually implementing the menu system for castles but Blizzcon and the GSL finals are this weekend so…yea.

Either way, I’ve at least started mocking up what I want the layout to be in photoshop. I may post a picture once I finish the mock-up and then start implementing it. It’s always entertaining to look back on mock-ups I’ve made of websites and how they differ from the final versions. I’m hoping to get the same nostalgia kick from this once a few years go by.

Posted 10/10/11 @ 2:43pm - By Ross

Diablo 3 bug on skeleton king

So while browsing the web today I ran across a video that displayed an interesting bug in Diablo 3. Take a look for yourself to see what I’m talking about.

I got into the D3 beta several weeks ago thanks to a friend. Unfortunately the content currently available is pretty limited and I powered through it in about a week. Still, it’s interesting to see bugs like this crop up. In particular this bug interests me as I think I know the cause and the fix. Of course I have to preface this as a guess as I haven’t seen any code and am basing this solely off intuition.

For those that don’t know, the beta ends at the skeleton king and you get a nice splash message informing you that you’ve completed the beta. About a week before I got into the beta there was an update saying that they changed that message to display after the skeleton kings death. Seems like a pretty innocent change as that message covered up a cool piece of animation. However, I think someone didn’t think it through all the way.

That splash screen was likely tied to the completion of the quest line. By changing it to appear after the animation (and loot drop) a bug was introduced where you can simply exit the game before the quest is registered as complete. This lets you come back and continue from the last waypoint (right outside the skeleton kings chambers).

This fix should be straight forward, just make the loot drop after the animation. How easy that is to change? good question. Another possible fix that might be even easier is to revert the change they made. That splash message won’t need to be displayed in retail so the change is really unneeded. Without more knowledge of the system it’s tough to determine the appropriate fix, but either are good starting points.

I find this particular instance of a bug interesting as I realized the cause almost immediately after reading about it. It’s rare that a bug is so simple (if I’m right), especially if you aren’t familiar with the system in question. Still, it’s a good example of how a bug can be introduced off a small aesthetic change that you might not expect to affect anything.

Posted 10/09/11 @ 6:09pm - By Ross

Ah, to be a noob again…

So for those that don’t know, I’m TA’ing for CptS 121 again this semester and enjoy it quite a bit. I’ve always had a tenuous relationship with school growing up so it almost surprises me that I enjoy teaching so much. It’s strange to see the same mistakes I made being repeated by others and not being able to convince them that I know what I’m talking about. I think of Elrond from Lord of the Rings and how humanity just ignores his words of warning, despite his wisdom and experience. But I digress, TA’ing has been a good experience and I’ve learned a ton from it.

Speaking of which, I got an e-mail today from one of the students inquiring about game development. Naturally I was ecstatic to find someone else interested in the topic. I’ve met several people at WSU that talk about game development fondly, but rarely with substance. It’s ironic that I’m now the elder from which to seek knowledge when I feel like I’ve barely stepped into the subject myself. But it got me thinking about where I was when I first showed up at WSU dreaming of making games.

When you first start coding, developing a game seems like an unobtainable goal. The complexity is not only overwhelming, but daunting to say the least. I compare that to how I feel now and, while still daunting, it’s no longer overwhelming. I’m doing it with Right to Rule and making surprising progress. I don’t know when the change happened, between freaking out about midterms and starring down the clock as I frantically try to finish a project, it just clicked. I had no mentor to ask how it was done, I just tried and what happened…happened.

I suppose that’s my MO though. I’ve always been headstrong when I decide on a goal. I’m reminded of Day[9] and his unabashed attitude to doing what you love. I’ll stumble all the way there, but I’ll get there. I guess it now falls to me to help those that were once like me.

Posted 10/07/11 @ 7:42pm - By Ross

Lots o small changes

Made a ton of tiny changes to the site over the last few days. Added a lot of small visual elements (fonts, shadows, etc etc) along with the wordpress system. Probably the last update in a while as the projects are building up in the background. If anything looks awry just leave a comment and I’ll fix it later.

Posted 10/06/11 @ 9:19pm - By Ross

RoadBuilder Done!

That was a lot of work…far more than I expected but it’s finished. And this pretty much sums up how I feel.

I’ll have to do a post breaking down the logic of the entire thing, but suffice to say that it’s a bit messy having to account for all the special cases that arise from having a graph and parsing each 3×3 quadrant. But it’s done and looks pretty good. Take a look at what it looks like:

Procedural generation ftw!

Posted 10/06/11 @ 3:22am - By Ross

I think it’s done!

Time to go pass out.

Posted 10/06/11 @ 2:31am - By Ross

I should really sleep

yay for not having to get up early tomorrow. So close to having this thing done ><

Posted 10/06/11 @ 1:36am - By Ross

So I lied

After looking at a few more blogging systems I changed my mind again and went with WordPress. The theme is just about done and soon you will actually be able to see this post!

There is a fair amount to do with the theme so don’t be surprised if things don’t look quite right in certain areas. Feel free to yell at me if you do notice something as well.

Posted 10/05/11 @ 7:12am - By Ross

Testing this

testing out what a post looks like and all that jazz.

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